How to take care of a granite countertop

Low maintenance, impressive show and longevity - you get it all with granite as compared to any
other stone, but subject to certain tips and tricks that must be kept in mind while cleaning the
granite natural stone countertops in your kitchen and bathroom.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on taking care of a granite countertop.

A very sturdy stone, second only to diamond, granite is generally unaffected by most chemicals.
Yet it is always advisable to use only neutral, mild and vegetable oil based cleaners in the
company of scrubbing pads to clean granite counter tops.
As soil can prove to be abrasive and may damage the surface of the granite countertop, it is
suggested to steer clear of dirt and dust as often as possible.
To go about the cleaning operation, wet mop the floor with the cleaning solution and leave it as it
is for some minutes. This lets the dirt dissolve in the liquid solution and facilitates dirt removal
effectively upon second time mopping. The rinse water for the mop must be changed often for
best results.  
Wipe out the remaining soil that might have stuck to the floor and dried with the help of a suitable
clean cloth like you polish or shine something made of metal.
You may occasionally use an electric scrubbing machine or a rather forceful hand movement with
a stronger solution of the neutral cleaning agent, to get rid of the tougher stains on the granite
counter tops.
Avoid getting acid on the countertop
Though granite is a reliable stone that can withstand just about any hot and harsh item on its
surface, it is not prudent to leave acidic (lemon, vinegar, soft drink) liquids on its surface for long,
especially if the granite counter top is polished. Polished granite countertop is rather delicate and
must be treated with more care.
As harsh cleansers may discolor the stone, it is always wise to choose a ph balanced dishwashing
liquid as a cleaning product.
Do not use granite as a cutting board as the same may damage the surface with light cut marks
and eventually an abrasive surface.  
As granite constitutes of many minerals in essence, presence of certain minerals renders granite
an easy prey to scratching and chipping or breaking. Therefore, it is only logical to avoid dragging
utensils, pans, pots and appliances across the granite counter top.   
Use sealant once a year
As regular polishing is essential to keep the stone as good as new forever, it is suggested that a
penetrating sealant, as referred by the home improvement store, must be applied once a year.
DO NOT go for a stone sealer that shall not penetrate granite, as these harsh solvents are hard to
remove eventually.
Mend minor damages to the surface of the granite counter top by polishing with a fine steel wool.
Scrape off a hard substance stuck to the surface of the countertop with a hard and thin object like
your debit card.  
Conspicuous cracking and chipping must be dealt with the help of professional help.
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