How long has Mark's Construction and Remodeling of IL, Inc. been in
Mark's Construction and Remodeling of IL, Inc. has been remodeling homes and small
offices in Chicago and surrounding areas for more than 13 years. It was founded by
Mark Puka.

Do you Guarantee your work?
All of work we do is Guaranteed for full 1 year. If there are any defects in our
workmanship, we come back promptly - for Free!

Should I consider moving out of my house during the remodel?
Remodeling can be a little inconvenient and messy, especially when it comes to
interior living spaces like kitchen and bathrooms. However, most of our projects are
completed while our clients occupy their homes. Our clients find our team of mature
craftsmen and professionals tradesmen to be very courteous, conscientious and
accommodating. But, if your project is extensive, it may become more practical for
you to temporally move out. You can discuss your specific situation with us prior to
scheduling your project.

I found a new product and I want to use it in my kitchen or bathroom. Can
you install it, or do I have to ask someone else?
We are experienced in working with all kind of materials and products. All the
products and materials that can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen, we will be
happy to install (even a TV in the bathroom). Please be advised that sometimes your
city codes will force us to use standard materials instead of some that have been
resently invented. We know that there are shows on TV that show amazing new
products; but be advised, that you should always check your city codes or ask your
contractor about any new materials and/or products. Also because those products and
materials are new to the market, we can't guarantee how they will perform in your

Should I anticipate any cost beyond the contract price?
Most remodeling project do cost more than the original contract price. This is caused
by several factors including: unforeseen conditions like decayed framing, hidden pipes
or wires, etc... Other causes included changes in the design or plan, upgrades or
additional work requested by the homeowner. Given our level of experience, we
normally anticipate many problems ahead of time; problems often overlooked by
other contractors, and do our best to factor these into our price.
However, despite our best efforts to control cost, our clients typically spend between
5-15% more than the original contract amount. Therefore we recommend that you
have this amount in additional funds set aside to afford you the flexibility to make
changes and upgrades as you see fit as the job progresses and allow for unforeseen

It's important to note that Mark Construction and Remodeling of IL, Inc. will not
charge more than original contract price unless we do additional work or incur
addition costs beyond what is stated in our contract.
As stated above, the price we quote is guaranteed as long as the scope of work and
specifications don't change. If you ask for different materials or additional work is
needed, the price may change. You will be informed immediately if and whenever this
In order to know whether something has changed requires that every task and item
be clearly spelled out in writing so there is a clear record of the agreement. Mark
Construction and Remodeling of IL, Inc. Provides very detailed proposals so you will
know exactly what was included and what wasn't.

When are payments due?
Each project size is different. We usually require a deposit before we start the job. For
small projects, after the deposit, the next payment is due when the job is half done.
Final payment, with any extras would be due when the project is completed. For large
projects, we usually divide the total into more than 3 payments.
Depending on how big the extra jobs are, payment for them is either added to one of
the payments or the final payment.

Will I be able to select the actual products for my project?
Yes all products like doors, hardware, trim, windows, cabinets, sinks, pluming and
electrical fixtures, , flooring, paint colors, you select all specialty items, etc.., with our
guidance. These are normally chosen to closely match the existing items in your home
or specific design tastes.

What is GFCI and do I need it?
GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. GFCI monitors the balance of
electrical current moving through the circuit. If an imbalance occurs, GFCI cuts off the
electricity. Its purpose is to prevent fatal electrical shocks. As you know, water and
electricity are deadly combinations. Since both are necessary in kitchens and
bathrooms, all switches, sockets, breakers, and circuits for those rooms should be
GFCI protected for your family,s safety.
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