Here at Mark's Construction and Remodeling
of IL, Inc. We are dedicated to you the
14 years ago Mark Puka started small
business named Mark Construction. At first
we only did small remodeling jobs, but as our
list of satisfied clients grow, our company
started growing too.  Over the years, we
have remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, small
and big offices, basements, small stores,
many condominiums, and whole houses.
These experiences  helped prepere us for   
any challenges that may come up during any
kind of remodeling. We have experience  
working with many different materials,
suppliers, designers and architects. We can
install new windows, doors, lights, floors,
office cubicle, and siding.  We can build
fireplaces, do tuck pointing and  also install a
roof. We can build new walls or demolish old
ones. Those new walls will need painting! We
can do that too! Closets? Yes, Mark's
Construction and Remodeling IL, Inc. does
them too!
We can make your home a truly amazing
place to live.
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